Second Language Department

Reyna Molina, Assistant Principal (I.A.)


French Club
Ramona Ngolla, Advisor
National Spanish Honor Society
Nunzia Manginelli, Advisor
Maria Milgrom, Advisor

The Globe House
Cynthia Leon, Guidance Counselor
Patty Rukaj, Guidance Counselor
Maria Milgrom, House Coordinator
Yvonne Torrente, LAB BESIS Coordinator
Julia Ayala, Family Assistant
Zulia Valentine, Family Assistant
Troung Le, Educational Paraprofessional
Maria Ievoli, Assistant to LAB BESIS Coordinator

The Second Language Department offers beginning, intermediate, advanced, and advanced placement courses in French, Spanish, and English as a Second Language.

As part of our school's bilingual program, we offer courses in Native Language Arts in Spanish. Our English as a Second Language Program services students who speak thirty-nine languages. Courses are designed to promote proficiency in English and emphasize reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Students in our Advanced Placement Spanish course are committed to the course for one year. They receive intensive instruction and preparation to pass the Advanced Placement Exam in Spanish Language in May. For the past eleven years. Our student passing rate has been 100% on the Advanced Placement Exam in Spanish Language.

PM School classes are offered according to need. This Fall we are offering a Native
Language Arts course in Spanish to help prepare students for the English Regents
Exam as well as an Advanced English as a Second Language course.


FS 1 - 8- Spanish
FF 1 - 8 - French
FSX9 - Spanish 9
FSXT - AP Spanish
FSXN - Native Language Spanish
ESL 1 - 8 - English as a Second Language
FBE 1 - 8 - Foreign Born English