Christopher Columbus High School
Gerald Garfin, Principal

Weekly Calendar
April 7 - 11

Monday 4/7

Faculty Conference
PM School
After School Tutoring
S.A.T. Preparation
School Leadership Team Meeting

Tuesday 4/8 PM School
After School Tutoring
Solo Showcase - 7:30 PM in the Library
Wednesday 4/9 PM School
After School Tutoring
S.A.T. Preparation
Thursday 4/10 PM School
After School Tutoring
Science Fair
College Fair at Lehman High School
Parents' Association Meeting
Friday 4/11 Regular Day
Looking Ahead
Saturday 4/12 Saturday Tutoring
Saturday Parent's Program
Mon - Wed 4/14 - 4/16 Pre- Holiday Exams
Thursday 4/17 Spring Break begins
Third period scan sheets must be returned immediately after period 3 and no later than 11 AM.
Subject scan sheets must be submitted to Room 137 every day by 3:30 PM
If you plan to be in the building after hours or on a weekend, please obtain a form from Ms. LiBasci in Room 137.

Students are required to go to the cafeteria or library during their lunch period.
Students must remain in the room until the end of the period.
Students are not permitted to wear hats, beepers and walkmen or carry cellular phones.
Classroom door windows must not be covered.
Please follow the timecard plan. Turn your card to the "in" side when arriving and the "out" side when departing.
If you will be absent and you know in advance, it is essential that you inform the personnel in Room 137C.
If you do not know in advance, you must call 718-655-1766 by 6:30 AM to inform the office.