Creative and Performing Arts

Rosemary Barone, Assistant Principal (I.A.)

Department Faculty
Ardys Benjamin
Claudia Giordano
Carmen Laboy
Ann Liski
Larry Minetti
Rocco Petrillo
Raymond Rickard
Blane Shaw
Rafiqa Strickland
Helen Trott


Music Courses Art Courses Dance Courses
U100 - Music Appreciation A100 - Art 1 DWS1, 2 -Dance Workshop
U10C - Contemporary Music ALO1, 2 - Cartooning
UDBB - Beginner Band ADC1, 2 - Ceramics
Programs and Activities
UDJB - Intermediate Band AFO1, 2 - Fashion Yearbook
UDJZ - Jazz Band TCG1 - Graphic Communications Seniory Advisory
UDCB - Concert Band APO1, 2 - Painting
UDB1, 2 - Pep Band Mural Painting
UVJC - Chorale
UVCC1, 2 - Concert Choir
UVGS1, 2 - Gospel Choir


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