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DaVaughn Bryan was the freshman College Now president during his first year in the program and was subsequently elected sophomore class president of the entire school. He has been on the editorial staff of CNN since its inception.

First of all, I would like to start off by welcoming the incoming College Now freshmen to Christopher Columbus High School. I hope their stay is as enjoyable as mine has been, although I confess that mine was even more enjoyable since I was the College Now president last year. When I ran for this office, I did so not for the title, the responsibilities or even the rewards of having such a position. Honestly, in the beginning I ran simply for the challenge of winning, facing my peers in friendly competition. I will also admit that I saw it all as a game, out of all the possible candidates: Sharlene, Cassi, Natasha and so on. I found it interesting to wonder who would ascend to the top and who would become a counsel person. I had no intention or idea that I would actually be elected.

But soon after I was elected and time passed, it became clear to me that it was no longer a game. The people who had voted for me believed that I would represent them to the best of my ability and that I would do all in my power to help them. This meant a lot. Never before was I faced with such an honor, and I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who had faith in my abilities to lead. I found myself becoming more and more increased in school activities. I kept myself informed about all information and activities involving College Now. The welfare and happiness of all the students became a priority. No student found find it hard to walk up to me and say what does College Now plan for so-and-so and I was unable to answer.

As I leave this office, there are a few things that I think need to be said: (1) I learned so much more from the student body than any book could ever teach me; (2) I developed a stranger self esteem; and (3) I learned the skills of tolerance.

It was not easy, but this is not an experience that I will not soon forget. My time as College Now president may have come to an end but my service to College Now will never end. I plan to continue help �my� house as the school sophomore president.


It�s the beginning of the new school year and we�re now officially sophomores!!! YAY!!! But once again back to the old tradition of heavy schoolbooks and school stress.

When we got back from summer vacation, our main goal this year is to do well in our classes and studies and be able to handle all the stress that the teachers have already started giving us (Just kidding teachs� well) Try to do our best or at least attempt to do more than we normally do. The teachers helping us do that and owe thanks to are as follows; Ms. Collins (Spanish) Mr. Escudero (Math) Mr. Daly (Science) Mr. New (English) Mr. Liu (Global). We thank you~~

Apart from school determinations we also plan on trying to help out freshman as taking the job as being mentors through out the year. Our job is to answer the questions of the freshmen that cannot go to Guidance counselors or would feel more comfortable going to someone around their age group.

Another one of our goals for this year is to take the PSAT�S (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test) It�s a practice SAT test taken to test our abilities in Math and English. Which is going to be taken on October 16th 2001. Most of us were puzzled when we first heard of it because we all thought that this was the real thing! And we had no special classes or tutoring for it. Lets just hope that this test might help us in preparing for the SAT�s that we�ll take in the future.


Mr. Edward Liu, age 28, is an an Aquarius --or, as his culture translates, makes him born in the "year of the ox". Employed by Christopher Columbus High School for the past five years, he plans to continue working here depending upon the contract. The above can be gathered by simply asking around, but I find this information far too general. It is this reporter's opinion that as a newly inducted member into the College now fold, we as students should get to know this Edward Liu a little better than just these few facts.

Mr. Liu has now joined our College Now staff as one of our newest teachers. To obtain more information about him, a face-to-face conference was needed. Mr. Liu started his interview by stating that his expectations for CN students were of the highest degree. when asked to elaborate on this, he continued by saying, "The world demands the best from the people who work and interact with it. Why shouldn't I?" He added that even though he expects a lot from us, he wishes the students to know that he care cares for them and wants the best for them. At first I most admit that I saw this as merely a cliche, but as the interview continued, this concept changed. He went on to compare College Now students to those of other houses. His comparison was most flattering. "I find that College Now students are extremely bright. At times they can be immature, but nevertheless they are among the brightest students I have ever taught".

I gave Mr. Liu a hypothetical situation. What if you were in charge in College Now? What additions would you make? His reply was one that was most unexpected: "If I were in charge, I would institute a class in success --a class that would teach students what is required to be successful in life."

I asked him what he thought the students of CN think of him. His response was that probably a lot a students do not like him; that they think he might assign too much work; but that he is not here to be liked. "My job is to teach, and that's what I will do."

As the interview went on, I realized that my goal was optained. I now had an idea of what Mr. Lui was like outside of the class room. I for one look forward to working with him this year, and as soon as other students come to accept who he is and what he's about, the work will become easier. Until then I think I speak for College Now when I say whatever he can dish out, we can take. Bring it on.

by Joseph Clausi

Recently I�ve been asked to write a biography of myself for the College Now Web Page. I must admit, I�m quite stunned that anyone would consider what I say about myself interesting � therefore I figured up a different way of telling you a little about me. All of my students can back me up when I say that I�m big into �Top 5 and Top 10 lists�, so I�m going to make one now. So to describe myself best, I give to you all this:

�Top 5 questions asked to Mr. Clausi, since the beginning of his career at Columbus.�


--Actually, Kingston is considered upstate New York, about 70 miles from N.Y.C. Did you all know it was the first capitol of N.Y.S.? Anyway, it�s right outside of Kingston, which is where I�ve lived all my life before moving away to college � in a village called Port Ewen. There, I grew up under the care of my parents, Joseph and Linda Clausi; along with my sister Mary Frances, my brother Bobby, and my sister Elena, who are all older than me; and my younger sister�s Elizabeth, Anne, and Emily of whom also all lived under the same roof in different combinations � at different times. It�s great around the holidays let me tell you.

4) "WHERE's YOUR HALL PASS?" --Listen, I realize being 23.5 doesn�t give me much leverage (age wise) over my students, but I can�t look that young. I did manage to get through college starting at SUNY Buffalo; studying in Siena, Italy for a few months, and finish my collegiate career at Cortland State with a degree in Secondary English Education, with minors in Italian and Cinema Studies. Soon I plan on going to Grad-school, for Administration � so if you think I look young to be a teacher, wait till I get a walky-talky and patrol the halls�

3) �WHY THE BRONX� New York City; was, is, and always will be the most exciting place to live on Earth. I always knew what ever I ended up doing; I was 100% going to end up being, in the City. But when I think about being a teacher, I can�t imagine what it would be like without the challenges that this �city life� brings forth to students. City kids face obstacles that expire your standard �real life� circumstances that students their age experience, and they defy the majority with the utmost faith in their own abilities to succeed. I�m in the City because these students are incredible. I can associate with them, I can associate with their world; and it shows in my classes when I look at their faces and I read their responses and expressions. My favorite part of teaching is actually being in the classroom challenging their minds. From the minute I get to school, until the minute I get back on the ole� #5, students are yelling, �Hey Mista!� I can�t explain how rewarding life can be when you do something for a living that allows such progress and success, and you get it all from a simple �Hello� when you see them in the halls. Where else would I teach?

2) �WHY ENGLISH?� --I�ve been quoted for saying that �English, could quite possibly consist answers to life�s greatest questions.� I�ve been quoted in saying that �The English language is the most important aspect, we as Americans, must possess in order to survive - let alone succeed.� How else would we communicate? How else could we artistically devastate the opposite sex, or persuade others and think the unthinkable? English is the foundation. The only thing I can think of, which compares to reading, is writing. My main goal for my students is to utilize English to such an extent, that these kids derive open minds. Through open-mindedness, they can form their own opinions � and with this, they become individuals. That�s why I teach English, because I believe it can give them a chance or a better chance, at succeeding.

And the number 1 question, asked to Mr. Clausi since his stay at Christopher Columbus High School, is�:


--My baseball career was something I�ll never forget. I played with some great guys, I learned the game from some great coaches; but my love for the sport grew from the greatest players � the Boston Red Sox. Their�s nothing like a heated debate over Yanks v. Red Sox � nothing. I enjoy just discussing the game itself; I enjoy my Sox, and their history, however feeble you may think it to be. As a fan of the game I will always love the sport and the thrill of it�s happenings; but as a fan of the Red Sox, I will always keep a good traditional heart and not turn sour or materialistic. My Sox represent clean baseball, America�s past time, and they always will� So leave me alone! It�s the game of Baseball which I�m infatuated with, so we as baseball fans, regardless of team preference, should share America�s sport somehow, for as often as we can, and for as long as we can.

So, there you have it. Top 5 questions asked to me since I started at Columbus. Not a week has gone by that I haven�t thought of my life here as completely crazy or incredible--calling someone from someplace upstate telling a great story or something they�ll never believe. One thing I have left out is that I wouldn�t do anything I�ve done so far over differently. I like my life and where it�s going. I�m content with what I�ve done and look forward to what I�m going to do and encounter, everyday. So with that I say, �I�ll see you all somewhere� sometime I�m sure.� Peace All. --- Mr. Clausi

by Lillian Rivera

On a bright and beautiful sunny day tragedy struck. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives in the most terrible way. Hatred, greed and ignorance left many innocent people with such great pain that it is impossible to describe.

Terrorists destroyed our lives forever. They destroyed our downtown area and left us in a state of mourning and agony. Children lost their parents, parents lost their children--husbands, wives, moms, dads, and grandparents and other relatives lost their lives.

How could anyone have so much hatred in their hearts to kill and destroy thousands of lives? In just seconds they changed the lives of many. On that tragic day, two airplanes crashed into our beloved pride and joy, the Twin Towers. The only thing these innocent people did was get up and go to work. On that black Tuesday our lives changed forever. Firefighters and police officers doing their jobs lost their lives. The devastation was awful, our beautiful city is hurting. We look at our city and see a war zone. The pain is immense. The horror in peoples eyes and the sadness we feel s overwhelming.

What will happen next? How safe are we? What does our future hold for us?


On October 10, 2022 we had our first College Now sophomore assembly. A lot of new things happened --we added another guidance counselor to our team, Ms. Joy Silverman; Mr. Jonathan Daly and Mr. Ken Rodgers (Science); Mr. Javier Escudero (Math); and Mr. Ed Liu (Social Studies).

Ms. Silverman discussed the PSAT exams that we were about to take (and which we eventually did) on October 16th. She said that it wasn�t a test that you can study for. It�s not going to be shown to any of the colleges that you apply for and it will not affect your schoolwork in any way. It calmed us down. Well� a little bit, then we got all worried again but soon our worries were solved.

After that our beloved coordinator, Daddy Munsinger, and various College Now teachers presented the leftover awards for the people who did not attend the ceremony on the 27th of June earlier in the year. He also read a "farewell" letter from DaVaughn Bryan, who was the freshman student council president last year and who didn't expect to be at the assembly; but he unexpectedly showed up, so we heard another speech directly from him. He was talking about how much fun he had while being president and how much he�s going to miss it. (YEA RIGHT!!)


What if today was your last day on earth? What would you do, who would you tell? Since no amount of days is promised to us, we should learn to cherish most of our days and lives. You never know when god calls home.

What if someone in your family was in some kind of depression and you knew they were close to going insane? What would you do? Both of these problems have the same question: �What if�?� Humans never know when they are going to leave or who is going to take them (meaning God or the devil). No one can tell the future, and no one can see the next day. But we all know everything happens for a reason.

COLLEGE NOW TEAM: Jane Aronoff, Asst. Principal; Paul Munsinger, Coordinator, Elizabeth Maybruch and Joy Silverman, Guidance; Teachers: Susan Auslander, Joseph Clausi, Mindy Dacillo, Jonathan Daly, Javier Escudero, Edward Liu, Larry Minetti, James New, Douglas Novak, Kenneth Rodgers; House Assistant, Maureen Vielandi; LEHMAN COLLEGE: Dr. Anne Rothstein, Director; Pedro Baez, Asst. Director, David Gantz, Coordinator; Point Professors: Dr. George Dourdournis, David Hyman; David Mittler, Khema Chan, Admin. Assistant.

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