English Department

Bill Manolios, Assistant Principal (I.A.)

David Hubbs - Department Assistant
Karen Levy - Librarian
Julia Loving - Librarian
Heidi Abrams
Katherine Callan
Lucy Chiarovano
Michelle Citrin
Joseph Clausi
Ruth Colton
Emily Fink
Mordecai Genn
Robert Greshes
Gabriel Gribetz
George Haag
Monica Martin
Laura McCandlish
Matthew Molloy
Stefano Monforte
James New
Daniel O'Brien
Karen Sherwood
Patricia Silva
Mark Silverman
Aaron Skomra
Kanika Smith
Barbara Turk
Norma Vega
James Vint
David Wade
Leona Walker
Carolyn Yaffe


The courses listed below are offered every term.

Journalism [EJN1]:
This course is designed to teach students about newspapers and to produce several issues of the school newspaper during the course of the term. Students may select this course every term and receive credit for it.

Creative Writing [ECW1]:
The Creative Writing Course tries to sharpen students' powers of observation and skill in expression and to produce a student literary magazine. Students may select this course every term and receive credit for it.

Video [ECV1]:
Are you interested in making your own movie? This is a hands-on video production course focusing on screen writing, camera, editing, and studio production. Students work is entered in video contests and festivals both here and abroad.

College Now Drama :
In this course, students study seminal works representative of different periods, analyze professional performances and prepare their own.

The following courses are offered to Seniors who have passed the English Language Arts Regents.

E7MW - Battle of the Sexes
E7E1 - Ethnic Literature
E7P1 - Psychology in Literature
E8M1 - Mass Media
E8NY - New York, New York
E8Y1 - Youth and Identity


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