Presenting the Declaration of Independence to the Continental Congress

Social Studies Department

Richard Cintron, Assistant Principal (I.A.)


As we enter the new millennium and the new century, I am struck by the many changes that have taken place in our world. We have seen the birth of new nations and have paid the price for century-old conflicts that have, once again, reared their ugly heads. Technology has brought mankind to new levels of greatness, while also enabling him to devastate the world with his ignorance and prejudice. A new world has emerged that has brought humankind, for better or for worse, closer together than ever before. We must prepare our students for this new world and give them the necessary skills to reach for the stars at every opportunity. At the same time, we must also prepare our students to meet the challenging standards mandated by the state for graduation. All students must pass a Global History Regents and a U.S. History Regents in order to graduate. The department is ready to help students meet these challenges and ensure that they have the opportunity to be all they can be.


H100, 200, 300, 400 - Global History
H500, 600 - U.S. History & Government
H700 - Participation in Government
H800 - Economics 1

All of the courses identified above are required for graduation and are given on different levels, including Regents, Honors and Advanced Placement in U.S. History, ELL and Bilingual.

In addition, the Social Studies Department offers the following elective courses:

Psychology - study of human behavior
Criminal Law - study of criminal justice system
Civil Law - study of non-criminal law
Introduction to Law
Senior Council
The Social Studies department also participates in:

NYU High School Law Institute
NFTE Economics Program
TIPS Computer Education Program

Richard Cintron - Assistant Principal
DoraAnn Aman
Aniella Badamo
Fiorella Cabrejos
Maria Capote
Andrew Cohen
Esther Sara Adler-Colvin
David Dalglish
Steve DeMasi
Elizabeth Dougherty
Ortencia Flannery
Jesus Flores
Melicia Gasparevic
Rob Grady
Judy Gross
Ken Kelly
Marie McBride
John Moschetti
Doug Novak
Brial O'Neill
Steve Reiter
Aaron Roth
Gary Thomas
Ken Weiner


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