This is the first year that the House structure at Columbus has expanded to include seniors. This brings about two new areas for our students to explore: the search for a college and the search for jobs.

Mark Silverman, the House Coordinator, has been very involved in the school's partnership with the University of Vermont. Several House students, such as Jaydeen Garcia and Jasmin Guidote, traveled up to Vermont to sit in on classes and learn firsthand what college life is like.

On the job front, we are trying to get certain students internships with media -related companies so that they can better learn "the business" and make them more "employable." Tamara Prescott was a finalist in the Showtime video contest, and already has filmmaking experience under her belt.

The main emphasis in the House is still to improve reading and writing skills, along with helping students to understand the workings of the various mass media. This year's electives are "Introduction to Media" and "Creative Writing" for freshmen, and "Film as Literature" for sophomores. Interested juniors and seniors can go on to take a course in Journalism, Mass Media, or a Video class which is held in our school's television studio.

In addition to classes, several other activities are in the works. We are planning a trip to the American Museum of the Moving Image for the fall, and we are also planning awards ceremonies in which we recognize deserving students. The House staff will continue to monitor students' attendance, and will assist students with their orientation to high school life.

The following four people are based in room 321, the House office:

Mark Silverman -- House Coordinator 231-5000 X3213
Sandy Abrahams -- Guidance Counselor X3214
Simone Towbin -- Guidance Counselor X3215
Carmen Mendez -- House Assistant X3211

Other teachers in the Communications and Media House are:
J. Halabi -- Math
N. Riba -- Math
D. Scott -- Math
B. Press -- Math
Cernatescu -- Math
D. Griffin -- Science
J. Corman -- Science
E. DeMarie -- Science
R. Esser -- Science
E. McNamee -- Science
K. Rodgers -- Science
O. Tannis -- Science
C. Williams -- Science
M. Capote -- Soc. Studies
S. DeMasi -- Soc. Studies
R. Messinger -- Soc. Studies
M. Neyen -- Soc. Studies
L. Pendergast -- Soc. Studies
K. Weiner -- Soc. Studies
L. Chiarovano -- English
C. Fabian -- English
M. Genn -- English
D. Hubbs -- English
M. Jones -- English
T. Kotarski -- English
M. Molly -- English
J. Sheffield-Anliot -- English
M. Silverman -- English
L. Walker -- English
C. Yaffe -- English
S. Zachary -- English


The Communications and Media House staff,
Mark Silverman, Carmen Mendez, Sandy Abrahams, Simone Towbin