The Law and Justice Academy

of Christopher Columbus High School

925 Astor Avenue

Bronx, New York 10469

Principal:Gerald Garfin���� ���������� �����Phone: (718) 944-3400

Supervisor: Richard Cintron����������� ���� ��������������Fax: (718) 519-1565




��������� The Law and Justice Academy prepares students for the New York State Regents Exam, while providing students an extensive background in Law.Students in the Law and Justice Academy acquire a broad-based knowledge of the legal system of the United States, New York State, and New York City.

��������� Students in the Law and Justice Academy are interested in becoming lawyers, judges, paralegals, politicians, police officers, fire fighters, FBI agents, and government employees.Students in the Law and Justice Academy excel academically.Many of our students attend some of the most prestigious universities in the country.We have students accepted to schools like Duke, Rutgers, Cornell, Buffalo, Stanford, Northwestern, NYU, Colombia, and many others.Most of our students earn academic scholarships because of their hard work in high school.

��������� The Law and Justice Academy has a very strong support system to help students maximize their potential.We have a house team dedicated to the success of each student.If a student is struggling academically, we have a very good peer tutoring program.If a student is struggling with attendance, our house team will work with the parents to improve the child�s attendance.If the student needs behavioral modifications, the house team will work with the teachers, the student, and the parents to improve behavior in the classroom.

��������� The Law and Justice Academy builds leaders.Because of our partnerships with several universities, business leaders, and the Bronx D.A.�s office, we provide students with opportunities to see our legal system practically applied.Our students will prepared to be future leaders of our great city, state, and nation.

House Team

Supervisor: Richard Cintron A.P. (I.A.) Ext. 3350

Coordinator: James VintExt. 3471

Guidance Counselors: Doris JuskowitsExt. 3491

����� Guidance Counselor: Ramon Acevedo Ext. 1414

Guidance Counselor: Candice WernerExt. 3487

House Assistant: Theresa Munford Ext. 3484

House Paraprofessional: Andrea Gregory Ext. 3485


House Electives:

Civil Law

Criminal Law

Family Law

Constitutional Law

Forensic Science

Mock Trial

Introduction to Law


After School Programs:

Mock Trial

Moot Court

NYU Saturday Law Institute

Constitution Works



Bronx County Courthouse

Bronx Supreme Court

Circle Line Cruise around Manhattan

Statue of Liberty

Ellis Island


Grants Tomb

Federal Hall



Perfect Attendance

Principal�s Honor Roll

Top 100 Scholars

Law House Honor Roll

Most Improved Student


Parents may contact our office at any time with questions and concerns.Together, we can make sure each child maximizes their potential.