Gerald Garfin, Principal

Pathfinder's House
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Room 235, Periods 1 - 9
Office Hours 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM

HOWARD KAPLAN, House Supervisor (718) 944-2230

HENRY RAJKOWSKI, House Coordinator (718) 944-3469

SUSAN POLIN, Guidance Counselor (718) 944-3469

THERESA WILLIAMS, Family Para-Professional (718) 944-3469

GILDANA AMITRANO, House Assistant (718) 944-3470

Our program enables our students to achieve their high school diploma while attending classes that meet their individual needs. We offer small classes and individualized instruction that is parellel to the mainstream. Every student is offered work-study experience by participating in several vocational placements in local area hospitals, community agencies and nursing homes.

Our program offers student the opportunity to earn a High School diploma within the least restictive environment, inclusion classes and team teaching experience.

Students are able to gain valuable work experience in:

Special classes are offered in preparing student to pass the New York State Regents and Regents Competency Exams. For students that are enrolled in team teaching classes, we offer a support program.


Elective Classes

Food Services Keyboarding
Ceramics Painting
Computer Applications Virtual Enterprise

Academic Support Programs

Double Periods in Math and English for 9th grade
Support classes and Resource room for Mainstreamed students
New Continuum students integrated into mainstream population
Team Teaching - Academic and Elective subjects - Auto shop, virtual enterprise, food sciences, graphic arts, art, music, and computer science.
After-school and Saturday tutoring
Literacy programs in reading, writing and mathematics

Transitional Linkage Coordinators
Pathfinders House has several teachers who assist students with their planning, thinking and post-graduation activities by coordinating the following activities:

Interest and abilities inventories activities
Informal career assessments
Vocational training program links
VESID orientation and intake
Career Fairs
Part-time jobs - Hand-on experience - Summer jobs
Coordination of in-school career - work experiences
career exploration
Partnership with Contemporary Guidance Serivces

Alternative Assessment Program

Participation in New York State assessments is an important means of ensuring that all students are provided an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills addressed in the New York State Learning Standards. Federal special education law, specifically the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA-97), requires that students with disabilities have access to the genenral curriculum, with the appropriate accomodations where necessary, and that they be assessed on the same curriculum standards as other students. In addition, Title I the No Child Left Behind Act (2001) requires that all students participate in State tests in English language arts. mathematics and science and performance results are reported. For the small number of students who cannot participate in the large-scale state assessments even with accomodations, the New York State Alternative Assessment (NYSAA) will be provided.

During the time in which the assessment is administered, evidence is collected in four learning areas: English language arts, social studies, mathematics and science. Minimally, the NYSAA assess student performance on one mandatory Alternative Performance Indicator (API) in each area. The assessment effectively links standards, curriculum, instruction and assessment.