Lisa Maffei-Fuentes, Principal


March 22, 2023


Gina Radesco, Angela Palma, Jose Palma, Eve Rittle, George Cherry, Antoinette Erskin, Florentino Rosa, Donald March, Annette Leder, Claudia Giordano, Janna Gil, Amanda Palma, Shanere Rhone, DaVaughan Bryan, Theresa Munford, Ana Vargas, Rand Harris

Guest Observer:
Ramon Mejia, Math Teacher

Mr. Rosa was tonight's Chairperson and Ms. Vargas reflected.

Ms. Radesco and Ms. Munford reported to the SLT on the Community Board #11 Open Meeting that was held on March 18th. This open community meeting dealt with putting students from Columbus High School into the now vacant Mercy College building. The community was very boisterous about how bad our students are, and they do not want students from Columbus High School in that building. They also stated that the community is not in favor of having any type of school housed in the old Mercy College building.

Unfortunately, Columbus High School was not well represented and therefore could not defend the students and the school.

SLT members feel more parent involvement is needed to get the message out to the community and the public about the wonderful things that are happening at our school.

A suggestion was made to invite members of the Community Board #11 to a future SLT meeting so they will get first-hand knowledge of how well our students perform academically, as well as the many different activities and partnerships our students are involved in. Another suggestion was to conduct a letter campaign or e-mail campaign to local newspapers, homeowners associations, and Department of Education detailing the highlights of the accomplishments of our students and school.

Mr. Bob Hughes from New Vision will be at our school on April 16th to talk to interested staff members about small schools and the impact on our school. All are invited to attend.

Dean Cherry who is in charge of coordinating hall sweeps continues to see a big improvement in the halls. More involvement by Assistant Principals and teachers is helping to make sure students are getting to class on time.

Deans have also seen an improvement on the 3rd floor especially in the afternoon. The School Leadership Team congratulated Mr. Cherry and all the Deans who help to improve the tone of our building.

Mr. Rosa is happy to report that attendance for our 9th graders has gone up to 69%.

Tutoring is held every Saturday from 9 -12 Noon in every subject. Spring Holiday Tutoring will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, April 5, 6, 7 from 9 to 2 PM in all subjects.

A Parents Program will be offered on Saturdays beginning April 17th from 9 - 12 Noon. Parents can take classes in computer skills, ESL, and aerobics. Every Saturday workshops will be offered by the Guidance Department dealing with different topics pertaining to their students, graduation requirements, college financial aide, etc.

Open School Night will be held on Thursday, March 25th from 6 - 8:30 PM Open School Day will be held on Friday, March 26th from 12:30 - 3 PM

Next SLT meeting is scheduled for April 19, 2023

Ms. Ana Vargas will Chair and Ms. Amanda Palma will reflect.

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Respectfully submitted:

Cathy DeLuca
SLT Secretary

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