Health and Physical Education Department

Janet Gallardo, Assistant Principal


Survey Courses

Students taking a Regents level Science are required to take a PE Survey Course.This course introduces the student to a wide range of activities. The survey course is a one-year course divided into Fall and Spring activities. Below is an example of the course offerings.


Fall Courses Spring Courses
PTSC - Soccer PTVB - Volleyball
PTFB - Football PTSB - Softball
PTPF - Physical Fitness PTTF - Track & Field
PTBB - Basketball PTRS - Racket Sports

Each semester three or four activities are offered and the selection of those activities may vary from year to year.

Full Term Elective Courses

Students who have completed their Regents level Science requirements or are exempt from Regents Sciences are required to take an elective course. Here, the students develop their skills and improve their knowledge of the activity chosen. The electives currently offered are the following:

All students are required to take Health Education for one semester. To receive their diploma, the student must pass a minimum of seven terms of Physical Education and one term of Health.

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