2004-05 Term

Jose Vinales, Program Director
Kalilah Walton, Program Assistant
Carl Jackson, School Psychologist

PATHWAYS FOR YOUTH is a bronx-based nonprofit organization helping Bronx youth proceed along the pathway to responsible adulthood through a broad range of community-based services.

Our services include educational, social, recreational, cultural, summer camping and employment programs that are designed to encourage young people ages 6-24 to develop educational and occupational competencies, incease their self-esteem and establish an integrated system of personal values. The organization also provides related programs and services to parents and other family members that strengthen the fabric of the community in which our young people live.

Pathways For Youth works in concert with the Young Adult Borough Center (YABC), commited to providing students with a quality education that will prepare them for collge, meaningful employment, healthy personal and family relationships, and participation in the life of their communities.

Pathways YABC students and staff build a strong sense of community and foster excellence by respecting and appreciating diversity and individuality with optimism, perseverance, fairness, integrity and humor.

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