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Mission/Vision Statement

We at Christopher Columbus High School are committed to the educational excellence and moral consciousness of our students. We envision a school community of learners where all students, staff and parents are actively engaged in the education process.

Faculty, teachers and parents will collaborate to empower our students with the skills that enrich civic and social learning in order to fine tune the goals of strong future contributors to the world-wide community.

Students will be provided with skills to flourish in academic acquisition, deep cognitive development and authentic applications ensuring abilities to meet and to exceed 21st century challenges.

Recognizing that students and staff members in large school communities often lack that sense of personalized interaction, our school community has agreed to re-envision and reculture itself in order to create an environment that reduces feelings of alienation, increases levels of student and staff participation in school activities and promotes a sense of community. Our goal is to improve student academic performance through the establishment of small, safe, nurturing and academically rigorous learning communities.

We are committed to becoming an active laboratory for implementing, reflecting upon and refining practices leading to student success and professional reward. The reflective and collaborative nature of our environment will create a steadfast focus on each individual’s ability to develop academic, civic, social, artistic, and technological skills to brilliantly achieve overall success.