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In order to reduce and perhaps eliminate any unpleasant incidents involving the safety of students and faculty, we are asking your cooperation in following these regulations:

    1. All students are required to have their program cards with them daily. Both the ID and the Program Card must be presented to any staff member upon request.
    2. Students are expected to have a notebook, pens, pencils and textbooks with them daily.
    3. Students are NOT permitted to wear hats, doo-rags, or head coverings in school at any time. THEY MAY BE CONFISCATED AND WILL ONLY BE RETURNED AT THE END OF THE SCHOOL TERM.
    4. Students are NOT permitted to wear headphones, or carry a radio, CD player, walkie-talkie, beeper or cell phone at any time. These items will be confiscated as you enter the building and will be returned at the end of the school year. School is not responsible for lost cell phone, etc. Students will not be reimbursed.
    5. Students may not carry matches, lighters or markers. These items will be confiscated and parents will be contacted. Do not bring sports or recreational equipment, such as balls, bats, rollerblades, skateboards or scooters to school.
    6. Students must arrive dressed appropriately. You may not wear short shorts, tube tops, beach attire or clothes with any written message that may be inciteful to others. You will be sent home to change.
    7. If you are required to use a cane or crutches, you must bring a doctor's note to verify the need and get principal's approval in writing.
    8. Elevator use is restricted to students who secure passes from room 101 for medical reasons.
    1. Students are required to be in all classes listed on their program cards. Students may go to the cafeteria or the library during their lunch periods.
    2. Students are to be in class at the sound of the Late Bell.
    3. Use of the Room Pass is limited to emergency use only. The Pass may not be used during the first ten or last ten minutes of the period.
    4. Students will be required to sign the Room Pass Sign Out Book, each time they use the Room Pass.
    5. No one is allowed in locker rooms except during specified gym periods. The lockers must be cleared out after class.
    1. All students are required to leave the building at the end of their school day. Students are NOT allowed to linger in the building after their last period.
    2. Students found in the hall without appropriate pass will be disciplined.
    3. Failure to comply with these regulations may lead to serious disciplinary action, including suspension. Please, follow these rules to insure that you can complete the school year and maximize your opportunities to succeed in school.
    1. Every student is required to be in class and in his/her seat, ready to do work at the start of class
    2. Students who are late MUST sign the “LATE BOOK”
    3. Students with passes will be marked as an excused lateness and are responsible for making up missed work
    4. Students who arrived to class without a late pass will be marked late
    5. Students will be penalized 1 point for each unexcused lateness(after 5 minutes) per each marking period
    6. Students who have never been late to class for the marking period will receive a bonus of 5 points on the final exam grade per marking period
    7. Students must have the opportunity to work off the lateness by completing a special class project for each unexcused lateness
    8. Students who are late 2 or more times per semester will receive a call to their home and their parent/guardian may be required to attend a pre-suspension conference
    1. Students are required to be in all classes listed on their program card. Students may only go to the cafeteria or the library during their lunch period
    2. Students who do not cut for the marking period will receive a bonus 5 points added to their final exam grade per marking period
    3. Students who “cut” classes will be penalized by losing 1 point off their final grade for each unexcused cut per marking period
    4. If a student can substantiate that the absence from class was excused the student will not be penalized
    5. Absence from school does not count as a cut
    6. Students will have the opportunity to “work off” their cuts by doing an extra credit project (book report, research paper, current events assignments, extra work etc.). Teacher will determine the “buy back” project
    7. Students who cut 2 or more classes per semester will be barred from participation in extra-curricular activities including participation in athletic teams, musical performances and shows. They also may not run for and hold elective office, or attend school trips
    8. Cutting will be noted on the report cards

    The following penalties will follow students that cut their classes:

    • 1st cut Phone call home notifying parent
    • 2nd cut Student will receive Saturday detention and parent will be notified
    • 3rd cut Student must bring in their parent/guardian for pre-suspension conference
    • 4th cut Student will be given a principal’s suspension. Repeated offenders will face additional disciplinary measures