Best Advice on How to Do Homework with ADHD

Many kids do not love the idea of doing homework. However, ADHD and homework are more complex because dealing with such a child requires extra patience, effort, and dedication. This is because such kids require more time than normal kids when doing homework. While it is quite hard to deal with such homework needs, you can apply ADHD homework strategies that we will highlight in this piece to give your kid ample time and relieve yourself from the stress of seeing your child suffer with school work.

Doing homework with ADHD: how does ADHD affect students?

The ADHD problem can cause the student to experience some difficulties in their learning experience, thus causing poor performance and other problems as described below:

  • Troubles with time management

Students with ADHD issues usually have an unbalanced lifestyle due to poor time management skills. With this problem, it becomes hard for them to always be on time, prepare, and plan tasks while prioritizing the urgent ones. This issue affects them further, and as a result, ADHD homework takes forever.

  • Hardship in regulating and managing emotions

ADHD students often struggle with social issues such as poor self-esteem, negative thoughts, and other social problems. As a result, these issues affect their friendship and relationship bonding, thus imposing on them extreme worries. When a student keeps worrying about such issues, it destroys their self-image, and that is why it is significant to strategize how to get homework done with ADHD as part of the motivation process.

  • Poor performance in academics

It is often hard for students with ADHD to feel dissatisfied with their grades. This is mainly a result of being unable to complete tasks, forgetting assignments, having trouble handling complex tasks, and staying disorganized. All these problems lead to poor academic performance, hence the need the establish ways how to get motivation to do homework with ADHD.

How to focus on homework with ADHD: time-proven ADHD homework tips

Although ADHD students often have a hard time with homework, they can use some approaches to get the work done and improve the whole situation. The goal is to establish ways to get the homework done other than knowing what to do.

Should you be wondering how to do homework with ADHD, try and apply the following strategies and you will notice some improvements.

1. Set up a homework station

You need to arrange an accommodating space specifically for doing homework. The area should be free from noise and distractions like television and noise from other people. Again, make sure the space has a good seat with a table with adequate lighting. The seat should also face the wall instead of the window as a way of minimizing distractions. Above all, do not forget to pay attention to other kids by giving them their space as a way of minimizing distractions.

2. Break up study time

Some students start strong when doing homework and lose their morale with time. This is due to the fact that the brain gets tired, and they tend to lose concentration. You need to avoid this element by splitting the homework tasks. Let there be reasonable breaks that will enable the student to recharge their energy and refresh their brain.

For instance, if dealing with one subject, let’s say English, don’t let the student sit for a whole hour doing the task. Instead, break the one hour into 20 minutes with some breaks in between.

You can as well interchange the subjects as a way of improving concentration. For instance, give math homework for 20 minutes, then English, in that order.

3. Give rewards as a motivation

Rewards aren’t bribes. It is a way of telling the student good job and to keep it up. Whenever an ADHD student improves, reward them with something they love. It will motivate them to keep working hard, especially when having homework.


Homework may seem complex until when you have to deal with ADHD and homework. Yes, it is a hard task, but with the above approaches, you will realize the situation improves.