How to Overcome Test Anxiety & Pass Exams Well

It is quite normal for students to study effectively and revise for an upcoming exam. However, when the time for the exam has come, many students feel as if they aren’t well-prepared or ready to face the exam, hence facing test anxiety. Test anxiety can affect a student’s results even when they have studied appropriately and are ready to do the test. That is why is, as a student, you are bad at test taking; you need to implement proven test anxiety tips, as we will explain in this article, for good results.

What does it mean for a student taking a test to experience test anxiety?

Test anxiety is the nervousness a student feels before sitting for an exam or even when writing the exam. Some of the symptoms include sweaty palms and a faster heart. Sometimes, you keep wondering what the areas you have covered and the areas you haven’t. As a result, you keep wondering whether you will make it or not. That is why students need to establish ways how to calm nerves before a test for good results.

Test anxiety strategies for high school students: how to overcome test anxiety

Are you almost sitting for your test exam? Well, as part of your preparation, managing test anxiety should be among your priorities to enhance calmness during the exam process to achieve good results and grades. Have you tried any of the approaches below?

  • Get to the test location early

One of an effective way to manage test anxiety is to arrive early and secure your space. If you arrive late, you will panic even more. The idea of imagining the timed test, yet you are already late, will impose extreme pressure on you.

So, ensure you get to the exam location early enough to prevent last-minute panics and extreme stress before you even start the exams.

  • Focus on simpler questions first

While doing the exam, the questions will be mixed up. Some are easy to answer, while some need extra time to figure out the answer. Do not waste time on hard questions. Instead, try and answer the questions you can comprehend easily to increase your chances of getting good grades.

The more you answer some of the easy questions, the more you get confident about passing the test, and this relieves the student from extreme anxiety.

  • Get enough sleep the night before

Although studying can contribute to good grades, you need a relaxed and calm brain when handling a test.

As a student, do not wait until the last minute to start revising. Instead, always create a schedule for revisions whenever you have an opportunity. When the test is around the corner, sleep well, and wake up fresh. Face the test with a relaxed and energized mind, ready to think of new ideas.

  • Be organized

There is nothing as unsatisfying as walking into an exam room unorganized and unprepared. This will create anxiety that might contribute to low grades. Being organized mean getting the essential requirements for the test on time so that you don’t miss any requirement for the test.

  • Be positive

Finally, you will become what you think of yourself. If you have been to class always, studied effectively, and done all assignments as required, there is nothing to worry about. Keep a positive mindset while walking into a test, and this will reduce the anxiety that can make you get low grades.


It is common for any student to feel anxious before an exam. That is why establishing ways how to stay calm during an exam is a requirement for good grades. Have you tried any of the above measures? If not, implement the tips, and you will always enjoy sitting for your tests.